Human Expeditions

Human ExpeditionsHuman Expeditions: Inspired by Bruce Trigger

University of Toronto Press, 2013

Stephen Chrisomalis and Andre Costopoulos, editors

Human Expeditions commemorates the life and work of the Canadian anthropologist and archaeologist, Bruce Trigger, in a collection of essays designed to expand his scholarly legacy.   Trigger has been described as “Canada’s leading prehistorian,” but this description, while valid, barely scratches the surface of his contributions to knowledge.  In this volume, Andre Costopoulos and I have aimed to cover the range of Trigger’s diverse intellectual influences, from anthropology and archaeology to Egyptology, the history and philosophy of science, ethnohistory and Native American studies.  We have also striven to represent his social and intellectual legacy by including contributions from both junior and senior scholars. Human Expeditions: Inspired by Bruce Trigger is now available for purchase through the University of Toronto Press or your favourite bookseller.


Bruce Trigger: Citizen Scholar – Stephen Chrisomalis (Wayne State University) and Andre Costopoulos (McGill University)

1. Possible Locations of the Land of Punt and Recent Archaeological and Textual Evidence from the Pharaonic Harbor at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis, Egypt – Kathryn A. Bard (Boston University) and Rodolfo Fattovich (University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’, Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient)

2. The Impact of Blackness on the Formation of Classics – Martin Bernal (Cornell University)

3. “Slaves” and Slave-raiding on the Northern Plains and Rupert’s Land – Alice Beck Kehoe (Marquette University)

4. Contextualising the Phenomenology of Landscape – John Bintliff (Leiden University)

5. The Independence of Ethnoarchaeology – Jerimy J. Cunningham (University of Lethbridge)

6. Experiments and Their Application to Lithic Archaeology: An Experimental Essay – Harry Lerner (University of Western Ontario)

7. The History of Archaeology as a Field: From Marginality to Recognition – Oscar Moro Abadía (Memorial University)

8. Cultural Continuity and Archaeological Practice in the Indian Context – Neha Gupta (McGill University)

9. A Citation Analysis of the Works Included in Americanist Culture History: Fundamentals of Time, Space and Form – Jennifer Bracewell (McGill University)

10. Bruce Trigger: “A Second International Marxist”? – Thomas C. Patterson (University of California, Riverside)

11. Bruce Trigger and the Philosophical Matrix of Scientific Research – Mario Bunge (McGill University)

12. What are the Bases of Domain Specificity? – Jérôme Rousseau (McGill University)

13. Age, Equality, and Inequality: A New Model for Social Evolution – Csilla Dallos (St. Thomas University)

14. Figurative Activity in an Evolutionary Perspective – Leo S. Klejn (European University at Saint Petersburg)

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