Copper Scroll mania

Check out a remarkable piece of popular science writing and pseudoscience debunking: Pseudo-Science and Sensationalist Archaeology: An Exposé of Jimmy Barfield and the Copper Scroll Project. It is an accessible point-by-point refutation of a set of claims regarding the Copper Scroll, an aberrant (but still fully comprehensible) text among the Dead Sea Scrolls, one written on copper rather than parchment or papyrus. Those of you who have followed my posts on archaeolinguistics will find Robert Cargill’s debunking of Jim Barfield’s ‘discovery’ to be a telling example of how both archaeological and linguistic expertise are essential when dealing with ancient texts.

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2 thoughts on “Copper Scroll mania”

  1. I was looking up the CopperScroll and came across your website.

    I had been telling somefrends about its history in the Dead Sea scrolls and John Allegro’s orginal work. John had told me years ago that it contained a buried treasure list. Is that not correct?

    I’d like to hear from you.

    Best wishes,

    Dr Rick

  2. How might an analogy of the Copper Scroll differ between a paleolinguist, a linguist, and an archaeologist?

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