Language evolution lecture

I’m here at the Society for Cross-Cultural Research / Society for Anthropological Sciences joint meetings in Albuquerque, NM. Tonight we will have a keynote address by Nobel laureate / polymath Murray Gell-Mann on ‘The Evolution of Languages’. I’ll be very interested to see what Gell-Mann has to say on this issue that is close to some of my own research interests. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Language evolution lecture”

  1. I have read about Murray-Gell Mann. He was competing with the late Richard Feinman, my idol in quantum physics. Mrray-Gell Mann has this peculiar interest inmany languages, and he can read ancient languages, like the Mayan.

    I think he has just celebrated his 80th birthday with an international conference on quantum mechanics in Singapore last February, 2010. I woould really like to meet him personally.

    The book I read about Feinman and Gell-Mann is a memoir, “Feinman’s Rainbow.”

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