Weird or What?: Voynich

Tomorrow night (May 5) at 8 / 11pm on the Discovery Channel, the episode of the new show ‘Weird or What‘ featuring yours truly commenting on the Voynich Manuscript will be showing to US audiences. Unfortunately, not being a US audience, I and my maple-loving brethren will have to wait for the summer, but if you want to accumulate blackmail material on me while learning (hopefully) about this enigma, tune in (and those of you with Tivo … let me know). On the plus side, apparently the non-US versions of the show are hosted by none other than William Shatner, while the US version is hosted by … nobody? I haven’t seen my contribution (which is just a piece of the Voynich segment, which is just a piece of the episode with the overall title ‘Cocaine Mummies’) – it’ll be interesting to see to what extent my skepticism comes through. Let me know how it goes!

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6 thoughts on “Weird or What?: Voynich”

  1. Sounds fascinating. Whatever it means or doesn’t, the Voynich Manuscript is a very curious book! I have no idea when this program will be shown in Ireland (where I live), but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Shatner or no Shatner.

  2. The show was lovely and your segment was great! You have the dubious distinction of being near the top of the google search for ‘weird or what’ congratulations! Your skepticism comes through nicely and it sounds like a fascinating subject. Thanks for helping to give us laymen a peek.

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