Proto-Elamite decipherment-oid potentially in progress

I’m the first to advocate for computational tools in script decipherment, and for crowdsourcing-style work in aid of such efforts.  But is it just me, or is this account of current steps towards a proto-Elamite decipherment not really a story?  The phrase ‘could be about to be decoded’ and the lack of any published work (so far) does not give me hope.   Don’t get me wrong: I do think that Proto-Elamite is decipherable, although I’m not sure what to make of the (new-ish?) claim for the absence of scribal training as an explanation for apparent errors.     Anyway, I will of course be following this actively, but I’m not holding my breath.

Author: schrisomalis

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2 thoughts on “Proto-Elamite decipherment-oid potentially in progress”

  1. Absolutely right. It’s been running around Facebook and I’ve given up writing in comments that only splendid new photography is imminent, and not decipherment. As for the apparent ‘errors’, they usually turn out to be ours.

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