Numerals in webcomics

Over the past few years, I have been informally collecting and curating a set of comics (mostly online webcomics) relating to my main research interest in numerals, number systems, and numeracy.     While I am led to understand that not everyone in the world appreciates my particularly nerdesque sense of humour, it seems reasonable to suppose that if you’re reading this blog, then you might be like me and find these to be hilarious and/or thought-provoking.    Here are some of my favourites; reader contributions are very welcome (along with suggestions of other comics where I might find good material in the future).


Married to the Sea


Mortgage industry:

Number Two Number Four:


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Balls constants:

Conversation Trick #57721: Self-referential phrases:


Polish hand magic:

Too many zeroes:


Toothpaste for Dinner

10 types of people:

Happy New Year 2008:

Swedish binary:

Synaesthesia emergency:




1 to 10:

Binary sudoku:

Code Talkers:

ISO 8601:

License Plate:


Number line:

Numerical sex positions:

One two:

Words for small sets:

Author: schrisomalis

Anthropologist, Wayne State University. Professional numbers guy. Rare Words: Blog:

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