For realsies, all in from the get-go: Lexiculture 2021

Once again, I am having my undergraduates in my intermediate linguistic anthro class at Wayne State pick from a curated list of fun, interesting, socially relevant, or just plain wacky words for their original research papers this term. The Lexiculture project teaches a dollop of research methods, a touch of discourse analysis, a dab of corpus linguistics, and a soupcon of linguistic anthropology as the student-researchers investigate the sociocultural context and relevance of a single English word.

Earlier this year I edited 62 student papers written from 2013-2020 into an open-access ebook, The Lexiculture Papers: English Words and Culture. Check it out – I’m exceptionally proud of this collection of student scholarship.

And for those interested, here’s the list my students are choosing from this year:

all indingusmake-or-breaksellout
all outdjentman caveshoo-in
AmerindiandoggoneMohammedanshout out
amp updruthersmoronslider
backpedalfast forwardnext-levelsnuck
brain trusthalfsiesoftenswitcheroo
business endhardwiredpeoplingtardy
buzzkillhas-beenphase outthunk
call dibshookupporridgetouchless
car phoneInformation Superhighwaypsychobabbleunmentionables
card-carryingjailbaitrandoupside the head
centricjazz handsrealsiesupsize
challengedjinxrealtimewhole nother
columbusedlavenderrunner-upyea big

Any favourites you’d really like to see picked this year?

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