Language and Culture

Video List

My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Etymology of ‘kimono’
Celebrating Chiac
Radio Radio – Jacuzzi
Raitin Jamiekan Di Jamiekan Wie
Tongues of our Fathers (Jamaican creoles)
Grammar Nazis
That’s so gay

Metalanguage about the verbal phrase ‘be like’
Is is is a problem?
Irregardless: a double negative

Erin McKean on dictionaries and the history of English
How English sounds to Italians? Crazy ancestor to hip-hop? You decide
‘I am Canadian’ commercial
Cee Lo Green – “Forget” You
Samuel L. Jackson interview
Fairy godmother
My BFF Jill
Funny German commercial
Do women talk too much?

Why do people in old movies talk weird?

Bill Labov on the Northern Cities Vowel Shift
Newfoundland English: A ‘nonstandard’ dialect spoken in Canada
Alabama political ad on English Only

English Only – a parody

Language Map of the US (by native language)

Ethnic Origin Map of the US

American Dialects (simple version)

American Dialects (complicated version)

Pop vs. Soda

Barbara Johnstone speaks on ‘Pittsburghese’

A discussion of African American English in Ann Arbor

African American English in ‘Springville’

Stench blossoms

Modern English Lesson

Vocal fry

How people count cash”

Three glasses

Ketchup vs. catsup


The Terror of Highbrow Pronunciation

XKCD Color Survey Results

Frasier Crane – ‘ten times more dastardly’

Kelsey Grammer – interview

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