I’ve just made a number of revisions to the Stop: Toutes Directions website, adding a bunch more placemarks to the Google map with interesting anecdotes and discussion of some really neat conceptual issues. Check it out! I’ve also uploaded our entire dataset for those masochistic enough to love to play with someone else’s data.

If you’re interested in the subject, you should also check out a pair of new posts by Lars over at The Blogaeological Record (part 1, part 2) where he details some recent GIS analysis he’s been doing on our dataset, looking at the relationship between the language of sign texts and the language spoken by residents of different areas. It turns out that the percentage of English speakers in a census tract correlates well with the percentage of bilingual ARRET/STOP signs in that district, a finding I had suspected but had not been confirmed until now. The way he has visualized the data has also already led me to a New and Even More Interesting Finding (TM) … but that will have to wait.

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