Student publications ahoy!

Over the next couple of weeks, you should expect to see here a number of student papers from my undergraduate Language and Culture course at Wayne State University. You’ll be able to identify these from the header, from the tag ‘Guest Post’, and the Creative Commons license attached to each. These guest posts aren’t mine, although obviously I think they are extremely strong and endorse them. These represent the very best student work that is coming out of my courses, of which I am proud and, of course, of which the authors should be very proud.

Author: schrisomalis

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2 thoughts on “Student publications ahoy!”

  1. I was wondering about doing something similar with occasional pieces of work by my students only last night. One thought I had was that I would then expect to see that piece of work coming back at me in later years in subsequent people’s essays, though…

    1. Yeah, I thought of that too, but really, any student dumb enough to plagiarize off my own blog deserves whatever they get.

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