Still embuggered up

Over five years ago, I published what was (for a long time) to be my most popular post here at Glossographia, A feisty embuggerance, in which I described in the wild a particularly bizarre sort of optical character recognition error that found its way into Google Scholar’s metadata, resulting in an otherwise ordinary paper authored by the unlikely duo of Escalate Embuggerance and Holistic Feisty (Embuggerance and Feisty 1985).  After the folks at Language Log talked about it, I thought for sure that it would be scant weeks before the error was corrected.   Alas, here we are, in 2015, and Mother Google can share my search history with any advertiser it chooses, following me around with ads for products I’ve already bought, but can’t fix a basic and obvious error even after I did all the work of pointing it out to them.

Embuggerance, Escalate, and Holistic Feisty. “The linguistics of laughter.” English Today 47 (1985).

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